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There's still a few weeks to go, but if you're anything like us, you'll be slowly preparing

and thinking about what you need to do, to create a magical Christmas this year...  

Christmas is a time our whole family love and enjoy celebrating


We visited the Christmas Markets in Denmark a few years ago and immersed ourselves in 'Hygge'. 

Pronounced hoo-guh, this is a Danish word for feeling cosy.  It has become a lifestyle trend about noticing and appreciating the little things: what people do for you and what you do for them.  

We decided to curate our own Christmas collection to bring some Hygge to your home.  All of the items here are either made by ourselves or specially selected from eco-friendly companies that try to do some 'good'.  

Naturally plastic free and made from sustainable products using organic cotton, wool, leather and wood;  the collections are largely neutral and give that feeling of calm and connection to nature. 

Christmas is an incredibly magical time for Children.  Our Christmas Tree decorations are in contrast an explosion of colour and have been made by Nepalese ladies who receive a fair trade wage and working conditions. 


We know how precious time as a family is - so have included a beautiful selection of sustainable paper crafts so that you can make your own Christmas decorations and traditions, together as a family that can be cherished for years to come. 

We hope you enjoy our Christmas collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

May we all have a Hygge filled Christmas!

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