What's In The Box


- 20 x Stainless steel pegs in a mesh cotton bag

- 2 x Loofah & wood pulp sponges

- 2 x Loofah scourers

- 1 x Dish brush

- 1 x Pot brush

- 1 x Oval scrubbing brush

- 1 x Bamboo soap dish 

- 1 x Multi-purpose mesh cotton bag

Eco Home Bundle

  • Our Eco Home Bundle combines function and durability while also being sustainably made from all natural products


    This bundle focuses on longevity with pegs that we can guarantee will last you a lifetime, and sponges and brushes that are fuss free, easy to clean & will last


    We ensured our pegs are made from the highest grade (316) stainless steel - meaning they are durable and will not rust or deteriorate. They are also larger (7.6cm) than others on the market, so they will grip towels & sheets with ease as well as finer items. Great for you, great for your purse & great for the planet as less plastic to be ultimately thrown away. We are so confident that these are the last set of pegs you will need to buy, we guarantee it! Say goodbye to broken pegs scattered all over your garden!


    Our sponges and scourers are a great alternative to conventional sponges. They are made from 100% natural loofah and wood pulp. What's brilliant is that they can be thrown in the dishwasher when they need a clean. Saving you time and saving the planet from more plastic


    All the brushes in this bundle have 100% Moso Bamboo handles and plant-based fibre (sisal and coconut) so it is all natural. They are sturdy and durable to use yet aesthetically pleasing


    We have also included a bamboo soap dish to complete this bundle!


    All of the products are designed to last longer than their plastic equivalents. When they eventually come to the end of their natural cycle, you can throw them on the compost heap and they will return to nature


    For every order we receive, we also plant a tree - doubling the feel good factor and helping our planet


    Who knew cleaning could be so beautiful?


    *We use natural materials in all of our products. Due to their nature, slight variations may occur


    **Wire basket in photo not included