Field bouquet or wreath

All you need to make this bouquet of flowers or a lovely wreath is the contents of this set.


There’s no need to cut or glue anything: everything has been perforated and creased for you, and the flower stems – the threadwire – are included.


Cut the flower wire to the desired length, guide it through the perforated slits and put together your bouquet. In the photo's you can find two bouquets: one with 2 sets of FIELD and one more subtle with 1 set of FIELD. Each flower can also be presented separately as an individual, subtle eye-catcher in your living room.


Sustainable times two

This is a doubly sustainable bouquet: it will never wilt and they are printed with vegetable inks on FSC certified paper and the packagin is all plant based too.


It makes the perfect gift to send someone: the flat A4 format can easily be sent in an envelope and will fit through every letterbox! 


We love these beautiful flowers, and use them in our homes - perfect in a spare room, where you want some flowers, but the real things will die quickly without being seen much, and their plastic alternatives sit and gather dust!



  • 5 cards in A4 format (12 punched-out flowers).
  • 6 metres of flower thread.
  • The biggest thistle is 8cm in circumference when folded up.
  • The biggest reed panicle is 10cm long when folded up.
  • The branch is 28cm long.
  • The large iris is 11cm high and 7,5cm wide.
  • Designed and manufactured by Jurianne Matter

Paper Field Flowers - Large