These beautiful boats are a meaningful way to celebrate; milestones big or small or to simply decorate with at your next dinner party/ Christmas table.  You can write your wish/text along the railing and then fold the boat and the cabin in just a few minutes.


The perfect way to spend a rainy winter day with the children, making Christmas decorations that they will love!


Because they are initially flat, these boats also make an ideal gift to send in the post (A4 envelope). 


Please only put your floating paper boats in water where you can easily take them out again. This way we do not burden the environment.  All boats are made from FSC certified paper and the packaging is all plant based.  We also plant a tree for every order, making these super environmentally friendly floating boats.  If only all boats were!


Candle lit boats should only sail on water both indoors and outdoors. And of course…never leave burning candles unattended.  To avoid adding waste to the ocean and our waterways, always bring boats back when you have finished with them.



  • 1 package contains 3 boats and 3 cabins (and 'lining' paper strips).
  • Includes clear instruction
  • Size of boat: unfolded 24.5cm x 15.5cm | folded 18cm x 10cm.
  • Designed and manufactured by Jurianne Matter

Paper Floating Boat (3)