Self care Bundle

What's In The Box 


- 15 x Reusable makeup remover pads (10 bamboo/cotton pads, 5 x hemp/cotton exfoliating pads)

- 1 x Cotton wash bag for washing the pads 

- 1 x Bamboo hairbrush & silicone mat 

- 1 x Sisal soap bag 

- 2 x Bamboo toothbrushes (medium or soft bristles)

- 1 x Bamboo toothbrush holder 

- 1 x Stainless steel tongue scraper (rose gold or silver)

- All in our multi purpose cotton mesh bag 

Self Care Bundle

  • Please remember to choose your toothbrush bristles (soft or medium) and tongue scraper colour (rose gold or silver) and add this as a note at checkout