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Rescue Chicken Lay A Little Egg For Me

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Being able to produce our own food has always been a goal here at Isabelle Margarita Home. Having hens at home, producing eggs seems idyllic, and the chance to rescue chickens from a battery farm has always been a must-do for us. We thought you might like to see how we got on, trying to do 'a bit better'.

The day we brought the rescue chickens home
The Day We Brought Them Home

We recently rescued some ex-battery chickens from Littlehill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. Littlehill do a fantastic job of rescuing chickens from battery farms who would otherwise be put down after a short 18 month life. When we received the hens (Littlehill drop off at various locations across Ireland), they didn't have all of their feathers and were pretty unsure of their new surroundings, having always been inside, in a small cage.

Over the past weeks they have settled in well, re-growing their feathers and producing an egg each almost every day. We have gotten to know their individual personalities (who knew?) and Meggatron, Daisy, Snugglebunny & Jemima are now firmly part of the family, making us laugh every day with their antics. Even Charlie our Cocker Spaniel is getting used to them and the chickens are holding their own with him.

There were of course some preparations to be made, such as a predator proof coop and run, ensuring we had the correct food, bedding and equipment, plus a bit of reading up on how to look after them. On the whole, they have been easy to accommodate and give us a great deal of fun.

Rescue Chickens Having a cuddle
Happy hens having a cuddle

Interesting Chicken Facts!

  • Chickens will eat meat and can even be cannibalistic

  • They won't defend themselves against predators in the dark

  • You can teach them their names!

  • Chickens use grit to digest their food

  • If they don't get enough calcium, their egg shells go soft

  • They will lay less as the length of the day decreases

  • Once a year they lose a lot of their feathers

There are endless interesting aspects to these fascinating animals, plus they give you the most delicious eggs and their pooh is fantastic on the compost heap (more on compost to come). They have been such a joy to look after and have kept us busy during lockdown. If you would like to know more about rescuing a chicken or five (they are a bit addictive), contact Littlehill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Ireland or British Hen Welfare Trust in UK

Have you rescued a chicken or any other animals? We would love to hear your story!

Hoping you are safe and happy,

Arianne & Keelly xxx


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