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The Last Set of Pegs You Will Ever Need!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

There is something wonderful about the smell of washing that has dried in fresh air!

The pegs we use therefore comes up as a topic among our family and friends. We have previously followed recommendations for 'great, long lasting' pegs, spent time researching reviews for the 'peg that lasts' and even discussed them in homewares stores with staff. Usually though - we end up with the same situation:

Broken plastic pegs, stuck in the mud, twisted,

rusted metal springs and fitted sheets on the grass.

Arianne and I both have small children, which ultimately means a lot of washing and therefore time using pegs. When pegs fail, it's just an annoyance we don't have the time or patience for,

We made it our mission to find pegs that actually work: don't rust, don't break and hold on tightly to sheets, towels and even little socks. When we found marine grade 316 stainless steel, we became excited!

Could this really be the answer to our peg problem?

Will this metal really not rust?

Could they really be the pegs that will not break?

We started to investigate further...

We tested the pegs thoroughly - through storms, through heat, with heavy blankets and towels, fine materials and left them on the washing line throughout the winter in Galway to see how they performed. We compared them against other popular brands, pegs similar in appearance and other so called 'indestructible' pegs. We were thrilled to find that only these particular, marine grade pegs did what we needed them to do. No rust, no breaking, no loosening grip. Just pegs doing what they are supposed to.

We wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons - firstly because we love them! When we found them we became a bit giddy and thought that maybe you would too. They just do what they're supposed to. No messing about, no buying new sets of plastic pegs every year, no standing on sharp bits of broken plastic pegs or getting them clogged in the lawnmower. Family life needs reliability, That's what these are.

Secondly - because these pegs mean we don't need to consume more. If we buy something that will last forever, it means we don't need to buy more. We don't need to buy plastic, we don't need to create waste and ultimately - we don't need to think about pegs anymore!!

Someone asked us over Christmas why they should buy our pegs, when they could buy metal pegs on popular online market places and in some low-cost fashion chains at a much lower cost? The answer is simple. Quality.

We are confident in our product, We have certificates to prove that we have invested in a metal that will not rust. The cost of our pegs is higher because the metal used is of an exceptionally high quality and does what we need it to do. The peg itself is larger than average (7.6cm long) to grip on to those bulky items, yet still holds fine materials with ease. It is made from one single piece of metal, so it cannot fall apart.

We love these pegs because they align with our belief that if we buy well,

we will buy once and we will be able to make it last.

Hey, we can't be wrong if they're being given as gifts can we? We have loved that pegs of all things are being gifted! We do make them a touch glamorous too, in their own recycled box, with tissue, jute string and gift tag! Have you seen our recent post?

'Our Love Will Last Forever....Just Like These Pegs!'

Try them. We guarantee you won't regret it & you will receive BIG bonus points for gifting them!

If you would like to get this blog straight into your inbox, we would love you to subscribe here, you will also get 10% off your first order.

As always, hoping you, your family & friends are safe and happy,

Keelly & Arianne xx

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