What's In The Box


- 20 or 40 x Large (7.6cm) stainless steel (316) pegs 

- 1 x Multi-purpose cotton mesh bag 

- A happy feeling that these are the last pegs you will buy!

Stainless Steel Pegs for Life!

  • These fantastic stainless steel pegs have been specifically sourced for their marine grade 316 stainless steel, meaning they won't rust, fall apart like their lower grade and plastic counter parts.


    The pegs are larger in size (7.6cm) than a lot we have seen so they will hold towels and sheets with ease, yet still holding on to finer items too.


    We are so chuffed with these pegs, we will even guarantee that these will be the last set of pegs you need to buy (that is unless you want even more of them)! 

    Less Consumption = Less Waste = Less Spending = More Eco Friendly & Sustainable!


    For every order we receive, we also plant a tree - doubling the feel good factor and helping our planet