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We adore the towels and they now come as a hand towel!




Not only do they look beautiful in our homes, but they work incredibly hard too!


These towels towels are made from extra long Turkish cotton fibres, making each towel super absorbant, yet also thin and quick to dry.


As each cotton fibre is longer than those used in regular towels, they are also extremely soft and only get softer each time you wash them, making crunchy towels a thing of the past!  They also come in our towels most popular colours, to suit any colour scheme.


Not only is each hand towel highly functional and lovely to look at, but they are also sustainable. Each of these hand towels are made using re-spun, unused cotton thread which may have otherwise been discarded. As they are made from a very specific type of cotton, these towels should also last a lot longer than regular 'plush' towels, meaning less consumption, less spend for us and less resources used in creating more products.



Dimensions: 45cm x 100cm

Materials: 100% Turkish Cotton

Made in Turkey

Turkish Hand Towel

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