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Isabelle Margarita Home

Eco Friendly Products

We believe that the most impactful thing we can do is to buy less, and when we do buy,

buy things that will last. By shopping for our selection of eco-friendly products,

you help reduce waste and directly contribute to the wellbeing of our planet.   

We have put together our favourite eco-friendly products - either designed and made by us

or chosen by us, inspired by our journey to sustainability, our experiences of motherhood and our love of nature.

Making it easy for you to either start or continue your sustainable way of living.  

Check out our range below and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions...

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Our ethos

Our focus is to work for a cleaner planet in order to protect the livelihood of future generations. Isabelle Margarita Home products combine ethical sourcing, sustainability and durability for less environmental impact. 

Ideally there would be no carbon footprint from our products and everything we use would be from local suppliers.  Where this isn't possible, to help neutralise the carbon footprint, we plant a tree for every order we receive. 

When our eco-friendly products come to the end of their natural life cycle, you can simply throw them on the compost heap,

creating flowers and vegetables from waste.

Simply beautiful.

All natural materials

Renewable, reusable or
recyclable products

No toxic chemicals

Protecting you, your family & your home

Proud Small Irish Business

Based in Galway & Tipperary

Eco friendly products
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