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The Benefits of Seaweed

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Seaweed gathering with our gardening hat
Seaweed Gathering with our Gardening Hat

We love gardening - for how it looks, for what it produces but equally for how it reconnects us to the earth and puts us in that calm and happy place.

Growing our own fruit and vegetables is so satisfying. Regardless of how often we have planted a seed and it then turned into something we can eat - there is always an element of surprise when it works (or is that just us?).

Chemical Free Fertiliser

One of the things we have become more and more aware of is how we get the very most from our plants, without harming the environment around us and adding chemicals to the soil.

Adding unnatural substances to plants will result in us or the animals around us ingesting the chemicals - either through the plants themselves or by the insects in the surrounding soil. No matter how great the plants grow, ingesting more chemicals is no good.

So What's The Answer? Seaweed

We have fallen in love with how versatile and jam packed with nutrients seaweed is. There are so many wonderful benefits to seaweed.

It is so simple to use seaweed as a mulch in spring and autumn. As long as you're permitted to, take the seaweed from your local beach (try to take the stuff further up the beach that's been washed up a while), bring it home and scatter it among your plants and it will provide nutrients, protection from pesky slugs (too much salt) and stop those weeds.

Seaweed Tea Anyone?

A Natural Way to Fertilise

Another seaweed benefit is to making using it to make tea. Just fill a bucket with water and seaweed (add in a few nettles if you can), then leave for around 3 months. Beware - this is a stinky concoction so maybe put it in the garage. Give the mix a stir every few days and by the end of three months you have fetiliser tea to add to your plants. Dilute at a ratio of 1 part seaweed to 10 parts water for a concentrated fertiliser that's all natural and free to boot. So simple.

Release Your Inner Mermaid

Adding seaweed to your bath packs it full of nutrients that are great for your skin.

Not feeling brave enough? We feel you.

We have been drying out some of our own gathered seaweed, chopping it up and adding it to our multi-purpose mesh bags and plopping them in the bath. It's still a nutrient packed seaweed bath, just without all the slip and slide. We were so chuffed with this, that we thought we would spread the love and pop some samples into your next orders.

Do you use seaweed in any others ways? Do you have your own special recipe for fetiliser tea? Do you know any other seaweed benefits? We would love to hear how you do it and give it a go.

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Hoping you are safe, happy & well,

Keelly & Arianne xxx

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