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Gift Experiences to Give Children Instead of Toys

We still think that the best gifts our children will receive and remember, are the times spent together as a family - playing and just being present, in the moment.

Free Printable Gift Certificates
Gift Experience Certificates - Free Printables

We have always been a fan of gift experiences, especially for our children's generation, where toys and screen stimulation is so readily available.

We know how busy life can be and it’s easier said than done. We decided to make printed 'experience gift certificates' to give the children on Christmas day. These certificates are not just for the kids but also to give us, as parents, a nudge to sit down, leave the washing for later and to be present.

The gift of experience does not need to cost you an arm and a leg and you don’t need to bring the kids to exotic places - it’s your time with them that matters. Here's our list of simple ideas that will make wonderful memories:

  • Painting with your children

  • Setting up an easy experiment - wonderful ideas here

  • Going to a local ice cream parlour

  • Watching a Christmas movie all together with popcorn

  • Playing a board game together

  • Giving the gift of a late night

  • Going to the cinema

  • Playing pass the parcel

  • Trip to the playground

  • Extra long bedtime story

  • Face painting

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows & sprinkles

  • Baking cakes and cookies together

Try this free printable for the certificate - you can easily change and personalise it to suit your activity. They make fantastic stocking fillers and make a nice change to the usual gold coins and socks!

The gift of experience does not need to cost you the earth, it’s your time with them that matters.

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As always, hoping you are safe, happy & looking forward to a wonderful, relaxing and fun filled Christmas.

Much Christmas love,

Keelly & Arianne x

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