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Multi-Tasking Made Easy

Our Lavender bags with orders

You may have noticed that we love anything that has multiple uses - like our cotton-mesh bag that comes with all of our bundles - great for storing veg or pegs, washing underwear, keeping jigsaws in one place - the list goes on...

If you have ordered from us recently, you may have received a little cotton bag - the contents of which we change up pretty frequently.

We started off filling them with lavender, which we picked from Arianne's garden last year while discussing setting up our little venture (so sweet!). We thought initially they would make great drawer fresheners - but we have found a million uses - freshening the car, putting on door keys to keep the flies out, freshening up a boot room....

Can We Steal Your Ideas?

We were so chuffed with the lavender bags, we've been mulling over what else we can do with them, and so far have come up with the following:

  • Dried seaweed for garden fertiliser or a seaweed bath

  • Holding seeds (we have a good few bluebell seeds saved up from our gardens)

  • Dried Rosemary - for tea, as a freshener or even for the bath

  • 'Mulled Wine Bags' filled with the spices you need for Mulled wine (Arianne has a fab recipe for this which we will share nearer to Christmas)

These are our ideas so far, but we thought we would reach out and ask you what you would like to see in them?

We love getting inspiration from you, and as they will be going to you in orders - who better to help us decide what to use? Everyone we have asked for ideas has been as enthusiastic as we are, so we must be on to something...

Thanks To Our Friends

We appreciate every order we receive, and like to think of everyone who orders from us as our friends. We have really enjoyed adding in little extra 'gifts' for you to try from our home to yours, and hope you have enjoyed them too.

Thanks again for supporting our fledgling business. We hope you are enjoying your products and have that happy 'I'm doing something for the planet' feeling. Don't forget, we also plant a tree for every order we receive - so double down on the feel good factor.

Don't forget you can get regular updates by subscribing to our website here, and also receive 10% off your first order too.

Hoping you are all safe, well and happy,

Keelly & Arianne xxx

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