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The Simple & Easy Guide To Making Compost

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We love it when things can be thrown on the compost heap!

We are super proud to say that most of our products compost down back into the earth and become soil.

When we first started composting, we found it a bit daunting when layering nitrogen and carbon were mentioned, but it's actually super easy. Here is our simple and easy guide to making compost and creating amazing soil from your rubbish!

Compost heaps can be simply heaps on the ground, made up from wooden pallets or you use specifically made compost bins. The choice is yours.

Start your compost heap off with some sticks at the bottom so that it can get some air to it. Next add some dried leaves or grass clippings. Then comes the green and brown bit!


Beautiful illustration from

This bit is actually simple too. You need to layer the items you put on your compost heap so that it decomposes properly and fairly quickly. The items you add to your compost bin need to fall into one of the below categories:

The Green Layer

Fruit & veg scraps, peels & cores

Coffee grounds & tea leaves

Green plants, leaves & flowers

Grass clippings

The Brown Layer

Paper & cardboard

Bread, grains, nut & egg shells

Human & pet hair, tumble dryer lint

Dry plant material, leaves, twigs & woody prunings

Potting soil

What Not to Compost

Pet/human waste

Glossy paper, plastic etc

Meat & dairy products (invites pests)

Weeds with seeds, pesticides

Compost piles use heat to decompose, so pick a spot where the sun can get to it. Giving the heap a good water every now and then will also speed up the process. On average, it will take around 9 months to a year to create beautiful compost that you can use on your garden.

See - it really isn't that hard is it? Simple and easy compost.

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Hoping you are happy, safe and healthy,

Keelly & Arianne x

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