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Valentine's Day Inspiration

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

This year, whether you usually celebrate Valentine's day or not - it gives us a great excuse to do something a little different - at at time when 'different' is in short supply!

We have spent the past week creating platters, brushing and curling our hair (rare for us!), trying a bit of simple self-indulgence and thinking of fun things to do this V-day.

Prepare Your Food, Film & Drinks

This Valentine's day, why not plan a nice night in (what else can you do?) with a difference? Try one of these platters - great for family sharing, grown up versions, gifting one to a friend or relative or giving the kids their own Valentine's day platter made up of sweets or their favourite foods. For an extra bit of self-indulgence, try one of the Mad Hatter's Cheese Platters if you're around the Galway area. They make a night in that extra bit special!

Food ready, have a think about hiring a good film or check out what's available. Get the Gin, Tonic and ice cubes sorted with a few slices of cucumber, some raspberries or blueberries to make it pretty and add some flavour.

- Food - check

- Film - check

- Drinks - check

What else?

Try A Facemask

This face mask is sooo simple and actually leaves your skin feeling great. We even got the men involved.


  • A handful of porridge oats - we used oats from our friends at Kilbeggan Organic Porridge Oats, but any will do

  • Half an avocado

  • A tablespoon of honey - we used Tipperary honey from @ryanshoneyfarm

Just mix it all together and smooth it over your face, add some cucumber slices for your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse off and hey presto - moisturised, smooth skin!

We know Valentine's day isn't at the top of everyone's list - but looking after ourselves and trying to do something a bit different for our sanity should be!

What are your plans for Valentine's day? We would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a great day regardless of how you spend it.

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Hoping everyone is safe & happy,

Keelly & Arianne xxx

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