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Alternative to Traditional Family Gift Giving

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

We love Christmas. We really do - time for family, friends, a bit of indulgence and who doesn't like opening gifts?

Thoughtful gifts for the family that really sing...

Like everyone, we can struggle finding gifts that mean something. Gifts that sing of the thought behind them and are useful yet special to the person who receives them. We always try to buy gifts that will be of benefit - whether it's a feeling of indulgence, practicality or just pure joy and fun. But this is not easy!

We have been thinking a lot about gifts that have a big impact and that will be remembered. Let's face it - pants and socks are great - but who's going to remember them? Here's a few ideas we have been tossing around...

Alternative Gifts For The Whole Family

  • A friend always buys their whole family theatre tickets for a night out all together. How great is that? Memories that will last a life time plus supporting the arts.

Create memories with the gift of experiences
  • My family are considering paddle boards this year. What an amazing way to make memories, get outside and immerse yourself in nature.

  • Both Arianne and I have been talking about bell tents. They are expensive, but as a gift for the whole family, do-able! They will certainly make memories - camping all together, kids parties and sleep overs, hide outs and hide and seek. Endless possibilities for the whole family to be together.

  • I have always wanted a tin boat. Nothing fancy, just a tin boat with a little motor on it. Admittedly we need to research what else is involved, but the thought of anchoring up on a quiet lake in the sun would be truly amazing.

  • Dry Robes - these are all the rage at the moment to put on straight after a sea swim, What could be more special than the gift of sea swimming? Maybe one for you and one for a friend so that together you can brave the sea? The mental and physical health benefits are enormous! Just be safe peeps.

  • We were once gifted a night away (with baby sitting thrown in) to climb Croagh Patrick. What a fantastic present that was (thanks Galvia)! A much needed break where the kids had a ball with their auntie and we had time together, achieving something as a couple, then we had a great meal and a good sleep after. A really thoughtful, useful and indulgent gift in one hit!

Making the poly tunnel together
  • Last year my husband and I bought a poly tunnel for our Christmas present to each other. It's not glamorous I know - but it gave us the gift of fruit and vegetables, a joint present we could work on together and a sense of achievement and shared interest. That in itself was worth every penny.

  • This year - I'd really like two Adirondack chairs. I can just imagine watching the sunset with a glass of wine, relaxing in a pair of chairs specifically made for just me and my husband.

  • How about a patio heater? My husband's family bought one for their parents last year and it has extended their time spent outside, enjoying the warmth it gives and the long summer evenings with friends and family - making lovely memories.

The ideas we are coming up with and the memorable gifts we have received and given, centre around experiences and making memories. Are you planning gifts that will make a an impact? Gifts that will create memories and possibly enhance someone's life style?

We would love to hear your ideas!

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As always, hoping you are safe, happy and content.

Keelly & Arianne xx

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