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Our Favourite Christmas Recipes & Craft Ideas

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Christmas Wreath with Sustainable Items
Our Sustainable Christmas Wreath!

We love that Christmas gives us another great excuse to try out new recipes and craft ideas. We've been doing a fair amount of this over the past few weeks, so we thought we would share our favourite Christmas recipes & craft ideas in one post.

Mulled Wine Recipe

We love drinking warm red wine and making our homes smell Christmassy! Our mulled wine spice bags make the process so easy! Just add the little muslin spice bag into a saucepan, add a bottle of red wine and some orange slices, gently warm and hey presto - a lovely Christmas drink and a home that smells like Santa's grotto! You can find our mulled wine spice bags here. We also use them around the home just for the gorgeous smell - super simple, natural fragrance

christmas wrapping using natural materials
Simple, natural, sustainable wrapping ideas

Sustainable Christmas Wrapping Ideas

We love wrapping presents.

Does that make us odd?

We always use sustainable and recycled/ recyclable materials and love to find new ways to make the experience of opening a gift that bit more exciting. We found that drying orange slices at 75 degrees in an oven for a few hours works well and they look great tied to gifts. Adding pine cones and eucalyptus also look amazing.

Try using simple brown paper wrapping but letting your children draw personalised messages or pictures using metallic pens on the parcel? The options are endless and they can all be recycled afterwards. perfect.

Our Merino Wool Christmas Wreath

Our beautiful, handmade merino wool wreath sold out this year. We absolutely loved its simplicity, natural, sustainable materials and the gorgeous Christmas tree/ stag as the centre piece. These will certainly be back next year!

Repurposing Old Decorations to Make a Christmas Wreath

We wanted to make an outdoor wreath, but didn't want to buy plastic. Using old garlands we no longer used, an old hoola hoop and a glue gun, we managed to make one ourself, repurposing and not spending a penny! If you don't have a glue gun - florists wire, cable ties or even electrical tape will also do the job of attaching the garland to the hoop. It's amazing what you can make from things you have lying around!

Gingerbread House Recipe

Our kids loved doing this as you can see! Yes you can buy the pack from supermarkets - but you don't need to! We made up the simple gingerbread shapes the night before using this super simple recipe from Sally's Baking Addition. Once cool, we used a simple icing sugar and water mix to 'glue' the house together. The next day we used a simple buttercream mix and then let the children loose to decorate with sweets. Simple activities that they absolutely loved!

Paper Craft Ideas

Paper Crafts go down so well in our homes. We loved these crafts so much for the decorations they create but also for the process of making them together. Making sustainable, simple decorations together is surely the recipe for great Christmas memories. Check out our range of sustainable paper crafts for your home here.

We hope you found these Christmas recipes and craft ideas useful and are enjoying the lead up to Christmas. If you can, take some time for yourself to relax, ground yourself and make those all important fun memories.

Our last posting date for Ireland is 17th December to ensure all orders arrive before Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Keelly & Arianne xxx

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