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Un-Rubbish Christmas Gifts!

Our Unique Christmas Gift Guide

From Local Businesses

We love gifts that will be used, that are practical and won’t ultimately create more landfill!

There are so many great gift options available from our small Irish businesses, and this year, more than ever before, it’s so important to support them, or we face their extinction too.

Being left with only the large multinational stores, that ultimately only care about their bottom line - (not our environment, production ethics and the use of sustainable materials as so many of the small businesses do) could be a very sad reality.

So this year - let’s shop small!

Gift Ideas for kids

Traditional Toys

We love traditional toys that take children away from screens, we (yes, the whole family!) find the cup and ball very entertaining, plus it helps with motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and most importantly patience and persistence!

Our own range of traditional toys includes skipping ropes (for singles and doubles skipping - remember that?), 2 types of cup and ball games (which are harder than they look!) and a spinning top.

All made from sustainable materials and all will teach children something - we might even get to show off our own skills too!

They are very well priced and will make perfect stocking fillers, gifts for friends or gifts for the child that has everything.

Arts and crafts

We always give something that will fire up their creative side.

These Stabilo woody 3 in 1 pencils make brilliant stocking fillers & will be used year round. They encourage children and adults to get creative and can be used to create magical scenes on windows!

Instead of buying plastic stickers for Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, birthdays etc just draw decorations on the windows as part of your seasonal décor - plus it’s a nice bonding experience with the kids too (and it comes off easily too)!


We buy new books every year and they are such a great present!

Did you know that there are independent books sellers like The Book Tree, who are a small, independent Usborne book partner based in Tipperary? If like us, you have books on your list this year, we definitely recommend checking out their Facebook or Instagram page. Usborne have so many amazing books and you’d be surprised by the great value they offer - plus you’ll be supporting a small business!

Sports fanatic child? Me too, check our Emma Larkin Books!

Another great book is ‘Bruscar’ which is written by Irish author Chloe Devlin.

This kids book encourages children to recognise the importance of our oceans and to play their part in protecting them. You can get it from the lovely eco-friendly shop Anniepooh

Lucy Kennedy is another fabulous Irish author, She has written four books so far on ‘The Friendship Fairies’ which is a fun book about 3 fairies…

For books for all ages, written by Irish Authors, why not check outBuy The Book, who support independent authors across Ireland.


There are so many beautiful Irish clothing brands and boutiques, why not support them this year?

Little Bliss make beautiful, eco-conscious, organic casual wear with a touch of luxury.

Zizo® is a luxury lifestyle brand based in the picturesque coastal village of Dunmore East. They look to unite people in harmony with the great outdoors by producing planet-friendly, cosy essentials for coastal living

Fabulous leggings by Peachy Lean support strong women who like to look good while working out or chilling out. Peachyleans are made with spandex to fit & flatter

We love Poco by Pippa - they reinvent classic styles beautifully. Have you seen their trench?

Cloo are an Irish activewear brand focused on style & quality.

For some really adorable children’s clothing, check out Ruby's Boutique.

Something Unique

How about a beautiful painting that will become a treasured heirloom?

I highly recommend Paul Murphy, based in Tipperary, he is just so talented and brings any picture to life!


Tired of traditional cards that will usually have glitter (or shall we just call it more micro plastic?) all over them? Us too.

We adore the unique cards, illustrations and zany messages used in Weird Watercolours. Give a card that will be remembered and bring a smile to someone’s face this year.

If we’re going to spend money - it may as well create an impact!

Do you have any great tips for supporting local stores this Christmas?

We'd love to hear them!

All of these brands are people and small businesses that we like. We haven't been paid to advertise them, we just like 'em!

Hoping you are slowly and thoughtfully preparing for the big day.

Remember: It's about spending time together, not bankrupting yourself! As well as the wonderful experience of watching friends and loved ones open gifts, remember to plan some time for yourself too. Plan some activities and make beautiful memories.

If you'd like to get this blog straight into your inbox, as well as 10% off of your first order, subscribe to our website.

Lots of love,

Arianne & Keelly xx

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