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Easy & Simple New Years Resolutions

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year ahead!

Having completely over indulged in the past week, our minds turn to the new year - to our health and the things we can do for 'good'. Good for ourselves, our families, our environments and each other.

Easy & Simple New Years Resolutions
Try some of our Easy & Simple New Years Resolutions

Being busy mums, we find creating a list of complicated new years resolutions impossible to stick to. This in turn creates guilt and feelings of negativity - the opposite intent of a new years resolution. We try to pick one or two simple resolutions and stick to them through out the year.

Here Are Some Of Our Easy & Simple New Years Resolutions That Make A Difference

  • Drink more water - the health benefits are amazing! We try for 2.5l a day

  • Read a physical book - good for the soul and stops churning thoughts

  • Exercise - run, walk, yoga - it doesn't matter, just move

  • Go vegetarian one day a week - if we all did this the impact would be enormous

  • Avoid single use plastics where possible

  • Try making your own cleaning products - Try our recipes here

  • Stretch when you wake up

  • Remove one unnecessary item from your 'to do' list

  • Say "No" This is a hard one, but saying "Yes" to someone can mean saying "No" to yourself. Be mindful of this happening and avoid it where you can

  • Ground yourself in nature - watch the sunrise, go to the sea, walk in the woods.

  • Laugh - so good for the soul. Seek out that film, friend, memory or show that always makes you laugh

  • Splash some cold water on your body in the shower. There are tonnes of health benefits

  • Rest - be mindful of how you feel and take time to rest both your mind and body when overwhelmed

These are easy and simple new years resolutions that we should all be doing - but life gets in the way. If you can just pick one or two and try to stick to them - you would see an improvement. They won't turn you into a millionaire, but they make make you just a little calmer, happier or more mindful.

As mothers it is very easy to end up at the bottom of a never ending 'to do' list. My Mum always tells me that if I am not happy, my family won't be either. It's so true. We can't look after our families if we are not physically and mentally healthy, happy and calm.

Do you have an easy & simple new years resolution you will be sticking to this year? What small and simple changes do you make, that have a positive impact on yours and your families daily lives? We would love to hear them and give them a go.

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As ever, wishing you, your friends and families a happy, healthy and safe year ahead.

Lots of love,

Keelly & Arianne xxx

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