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Simple, Easy, Free & Eco-Friendly Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Has Pocket come to your house? Ours too.

Wreaths make an easy spot for Pocket

Our kids love Pocket and all the mischief he gets up to. We love seeing their faces every morning too. Do we love remembering to move Pocket every night after bed time and thinking of inventive things to do while also planning Christmas? Not so much.

Christmas can be a busy time and we feel you can create magic and fun without expense and elaborateness. We hope that our simple, free and easy ideas to keep Pocket on the move give you one less item on your 'mental list'.

Here are our simple, free and easy ideas to keep Pocket on the move until the 24th...

  1. Just move him to a different spot each night - the kids just need to find Pocket in the morning. Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths, door frames, picture frames and hanging from lights all work for this. Remember - it doesn't have to be elaborate. That an elf moves around your house each night is still amazing! This should keep you going for the majority of the time.

  2. Pocket plays with toys - just grab some small toys and set the scene.

  3. Sticky tape Pocket's arms and legs to the wall. You can use this multiple times in different locations. No explanation needed, it's just fun!

  4. Pocket wraps himself in sticky tape/ wrapping paper/ toilet roll

  5. Pocket makes a message with peas!

  6. Pocket eats cereal/ fruit/ crisps/ sweets/ chocolate - again just set the scene up

  7. Pocket climbs up the house plants

  8. Pocket tries on toy clothes - think Barbie, action figures, super hero capes etc

  9. Pocket gets stuck in the biscuit jar

  10. Pocket tries on your jewellery (don't go for the expensive stuff!)

  11. Pocket makes a 'snow angel' - use icing sugar, sprinkles or cereal...

  12. Pocket makes the kids packed lunch (we wish)!

  13. Pocket gets stuck in the fridge or freezer

  14. Pocket brushes his teeth

  15. Pocket cleans his ears

  16. Dress Pocket as a super hero with these free printables from

  17. When Pocket is ready to leave Christmas Eve, use some spray snow and leave a silhouette on the window. Free printable from here

TIP: Set an alarm on your phone for 9pm (or after the kids are asleep) to move Pocket each night.

See ya later Pocket

Hoping you are preparing for a wonderful, happy and peaceful Christmas, surrounded by those you love.

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Don't forget - our last posting date for Ireland is 17th December.

Love from Keelly & Arianne x

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