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Self Care In Lockdown

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

We have been determined to do lockdown a little better this time around. We know the mistakes we made last time, we learned what we can do to keep ourselves busy and entertained and we now know what we can do to make this time around the easier.

We seem to be bombarded with messages of self care and how we should be taking bubble baths with glasses of prosecco. For us at least, we don't have the time or the inclination to spend precious free time in bubbles, when we could be doing something that will really be of benefit to us. We mean doing the things might not be glamorous, but they make a difference to our lives. This is what we believe is real self care.

Some of the things we have been doing that improve our lives

  • Exercising - essential for body and mind

  • Reading a book - a physical book, not a tablet or from a phone

  • Drinking plenty of water - mental clarity and great skin!

  • Eating well and reducing sugar - no brainer, maintains equilibrium

  • Reduce alcohol consumption - keep that equilibrium

  • Reserving our post lock down hair/beauty appointment (win/win)

  • Getting 8 hours sleep a night - things are so much worse when we are tired

  • Making our bed everyday - the habit of champions!

  • Learning something new every day - a new word or a new language. It all counts!

  • Setting up a savings plan/ payment plan for a debt

  • Making time for a night time routine - make up removal, hand cream, foot balm etc.

  • Check out our self care bundle (we couldn't resist 😉)

  • Having dinner as a family and talking about our day

  • Listening to music, remembering good times - you can't think much when you sing!

  • Taking a walk with family - weather permitting. Take a coffee for a bit of a picnic

We all know that physical and mental exercise plus a good diet and sleep are essential to keeping us balanced. We may just have a rare opportunity to focus a little more on these important aspects, allowing us the time to actually slow down for what may be one of the few times in our lives.

Tipperary Woods, Walk, Family Walk
A Family Walk in the Woods - Tipperary

During the last lock down, many of us juggled our time frantically between working at home, child care and educating our children as well as maintaining a happy home life. This is an enormous undertaking and we need to be mindful of the stress that taking on all of this responsibility can create. The simple act of asking yourself how you feel in the morning and periodically through the day can be helpful to acknowledge our emotions, allowing us to take action or slow down if our answer is stressed/ overwhelmed/ exhausted.

We were reminded recently that if something were to happen to us, work would recruit to replace us. To our family however, we are irreplaceable and the consequences would be devastating. This is something that we should remind ourselves of daily, remembering our value. Thanks Mum!

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Hoping you are all safe, happy & well,

Keelly & Arianne x

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