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Tips For a More Sustainable College Life

Going to college/university is an exciting time, especially if it’s your first year. It's easy to think we need to have everything brand new and end up spending a lot more than we planned. Having a sustainable mind set will not only save you money, but your actions and your choices - no matter how small - can make a difference. Here are our top 5 sustainable tips for college/ university:

Top 5 Sustainable College and University Living Tips

1. We know that clothes are important - but try to make the longer term choice. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest contributor to global pollution? Try choosing eco-friendly clothes or buy vintage/ from charity shops. Avoiding throw away fashion and opting for clothes that will last, it will save money in the long term and reduce waste. There are many websites for preloved clothes online such as Depop, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace.

2. Reuse – invest in good quality reusables such as water bottles, coffee cups, lunch boxes, cutlery and shopping bags. Making healthy meals will save money, keep you healthier and reduce waste. Also, try toiletry reusables like makeup remover pads and razors.

3. Choose recycled/recyclable/compostable. When buying, choose eco-friendly products such as a bamboo toothbrush, wooden hairbrush, bamboo cotton buds, recycled pencils, pens and paper. Educate yourself on the recycling rules on campus and in your dorm so you can recycle right.

4. Unplug. Always unplug chargers and small appliances even when not in use. They use electricity while on stand by. This will save money and save the planet too!

5. Get a green friend! Small spaces like dorm rooms mixed with cooking odors, runners and dirty laundry can get smelly! Having plants in the room can help neutralise odors and improve air quality. Plants can also help with your mood and relieve stress.

It's a great time to practice sustainable living and grow habits that will stick for a life time. We hope these simple tips will give some ideas on how to have a more sustainable lifestyle while studying. Every decision goes a long way in helping reduce waste.

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Do you have any tips for returning to University/ college? We would love to hear them.

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Wishing everyone good luck and wonderful experiences,

Arianne & Keelly xxx

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